Other Card Services

Keesler Federal prepaid cards are a safe alternative to cash. Prepaid cards can be used most places where VISA is accepted. Visit any KFCU branch to purchase cards.

Visa Gift Card

Looking for the perfect gift? Our Visa Gift Card is perfect for any occasion & can be purchased for amounts anywhere from $10 to $500.00.


Visa Reloadable Travel Card

A convenient and secure way to pay and manage your travel expenses. Good at millions of merchants worldwide, and you can even use it at an ATM.


Load-n-Go Card

The Load-n-Go Reloadable Card allows you to load money onto the card. This card will be personalized with your name on it and gives you the option to add money more often (3 times in a 5 day period).

Cool Ca$h Card

A prepaid card that can be a money management tool for your child, ages 13 - 23. It’ s not a credit card, so your child won’t use it and get into debt.


Prepaid Chip & PIN Travel Card (Available in the UK)

The Prepaid Chip & PIN Travel card combines the latest in EMV chip technology and a traditional magnetic strip to offer members a safe alternative to traveling with cash, credit cards or traditional traveler’s checks. It can be issued instantly at any of our UK branches.