Prime Members

Prime Membership

If you're in the "prime" of your life, you deserve KFCU's special Prime Member benefits, for members age 50 or older. You could receive everything from discounted fees to free services. And if you have a combined deposit balance of $50,000 or more, you're eligible for our Elite Prime Member benefits, all the Prime Member benefits plus more. See below all the advantages we offer our members who have achieved the "wisdom" of years.

Prime Members

  • No fee Travel Card
  • Free Teller Checks
  • Free Money Orders
  • Discounted Check Orders
  • No Fee for Share Savings Withdrawals
  • Discounted Fee for Ultimate Checking Accounts

Elite Prime Members Enjoy the Above Benefits Plus:

  • No monthly service charge on Ultimate Checking , which includes FREE checks
  • Free Bank Wire Transfers
  • Discounted Check Orders
  • Free PrimeLife magazine 3 times per year - designed especially for KFCU Elite Prime Members