Mortgage Giveaway

Mortgage Payment Giveaway
One more reason to love Keesler Federal membership.

While other banks and credit unions give you tote bags, bag chains and mouse pads - Keesler Federal enters you to win a month's mortgage payment!

As long as you have a mortgage with us, you're automatically entered to win. So keep an eye on your inbox, we could be contacting you next month!

    • Win a mortgage payment up to $1,200!
    • Drawings held during the first week of every month.
    • You’re already entered to win!

A drawing will be held during the first week of every month from among all the eligible mortgage members of record on the last day of the previous month. Members who have a loan funded during the drawing month are not eligible for that month for that specific new loan. Members that have multiple mortgages with KFCU are eligible for multiple chances to win. This includes all mortgage loans and programs owned by KFCU including: Conventional, Portfolio, Government, Home Equity, Land Loans, Second Homes and Investment Properties. The drawing will be done by loan number. The payment will be for that specific loan number. If a member has multiple loans and one is chosen, the loan number that is chosen is the only one eligible for the payment. The maximum payment is up to $1,200. If the member has an escrow account on the subject loan, the payment first goes to principle and interest and the rest goes towards the escrow account. If the total payment is in excess of $1,200, the member must pay the difference. A winning loan number can only be selected once every 12 months. The mortgage must be paid current for the month for which the drawing is made in order to be eligible. KFCU employees are not eligible. KFCU reserves the right to sell any loan. Once a loan is not owned and serviced by KFCU or our sub-servicer, the loan is not eligible.