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The Joy of Giving

friends giving each other presents

Keesler Federal $50 cardTwo years ago, during the week of Thanksgiving, the Keesler Federal board of directors and executive team began a new tradition of bringing holiday cheer to our community. All employees were given a $50 gift card to spread a Bit of Joy to the person or cause of their choice.

Now in its third year, that one little gesture is still bringing smiles, hugs and happy tears to many in need, whether financially or emotionally, right here in our community. Keesler Federal team members shared their cards with complete strangers, neighbors and acquaintances, and causes that touched their hearts.

This year’s recipients included a single mother of two special needs children, a person who was unable to afford prescription medications, a church mission, someone awaiting disability approval, a homeless veteran and the Humane Society of South Mississippi.

In all cases, the gift cards were received with surprise, delight and heartfelt gratitude that our employees will never forget. Keesler Federal invites you to experience a Bit of Joy wherever you live. You don’t even need $50. Your time, talents and attention are priceless to someone or some cause in need of a little human kindness and good will.

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