Online Bill Pay

Paying bills from your KFCU checking account has never been easier! Online Bill Pay, a free service, is a safe way to conveniently pay almost any US merchant with the click of a mouse. Schedule bills to be paid at any time or a fixed time for recurring bill payments, like your mortgage payment.

Save on postage, checks, envelopes, and time.

  • Available 24 / 7
  • Pay bills from any Internet connection
  • One-time or scheduled bill payments
  • No limit to the number of bills you pay
  • Review payments online
  • Safe, secure and private
To sign up for Online Bill Pay, log on to your Keesler Online internet account and select Online Bill Pay from the Main Menu. Complete the online registration and we will send you an email confirmation.

You must have a KFCU Checking Account and e-mail address in order to sign up for this service. Online Bill Pay allows you to pay any bill except tax and court ordered payments and payees outside of the United States.

Popmoney – Through Online Bill Pay, you can send money to a friend the easy way, any time, at no charge! All you need is the person’s e-mail address or mobile phone number. Regardless of where they bank, the money goes directly from your KFCU account into your friend’s account usually within one business day.