Keesler Federal SelecTextUsing SelecText
The SelecText feature will allow you to request your account balance, review transaction history, transfer funds, or lock/unlock your account right from your phone by texting the request to 90703.

To register for this service, log into your Keesler Online account. Under the Services tab, choose SelecText. Follow the prompts to enroll your SMS ready device in the service. Once your device is activated, you can send command codes to SelecText (90703) for the following services:

KFCU COM - Get a list of Command Codes
BAL - Check your balance
TRAN - Transfer funds
HIST - Transaction history
UNLOCK - Unlock your Keesler Online account if frozen due to invalid password entries
LOCK - Immediately lock your Keesler Online account from being accessed online or via Mobile app
STOP - Opt out of SelecText Service
HELP - General SelecText usage help

Download a wallet-size card listing of these SelecText Commands.