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Financial Grooming – Finance freedom without strings

hand holding dollar bills

What is financial grooming? 

Simply put, it’s when someone slowly and manipulatively gains control over another person’s finances. It’s a form of abuse that can happen to anyone, and it’s more common than we think.

How does it happen?

  • It starts small – maybe someone offers to help you with your bills or investments.
  • Gradually, they take more control, often making financial decisions without your consent.
  • You might find yourself cut off from your own money or unaware of where it’s going.

What are the warning signs?

  • Over-involvement in your finances.
  • Making financial decisions without asking you.
  • Restricting your access to money or financial information.

Why is this so serious?

Financial grooming strips away your financial independence and can leave you in a vulnerable position. It’s not just about money – it’s about control and autonomy.

What can you do?

  • Stay informed about your finances.
  • Set boundaries about who can make decisions about your money.
  • Talk to someone you trust if you’re concerned about financial grooming.

Remember, your finances are YOUR business. Don’t let anyone take that control away from you. Stay safe and informed!

Learn more and view examples of financial grooming at efraudprevention.net.

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