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Skip-a-Pay Procedures for 2021

Please take the time to read the following instructions thoroughly to ensure a successful transaction.

To Request your Skip a Payment

  • Log in to your Keesler Federal account from online or mobile banking
  • Click on the Skip-A-Pay widget located under the MORE… menu to
    display your qualifying loan(s)
  • Select the loan for which you wish to skip the next payment due and
    click the SKIP button. This must be done at least 7 days prior to your
    due date.
  • Choose which account you would like the $20 payment deferral fee
    deducted from.
  • If you prefer to skip a later month’s payment, please wait to make
    your request until that payment is due.

Setting up Skip a Payment when you have an existing recurring automatic payment transfer:

If you wish to take advantage of the Skip a Payment option, but already have an automatic transfer set up to pay your loan each month, you must take additional steps to suspend/cancel the transfer. If action is not taken, your automatic transfer will take place and payment will not be skipped even if you have selected the skip a pay option.

For instructions, please select the type of automatic payment you currently have (OR: that applies to you):

Option 1: Automatic Transfers

Scenario: I have set up an automatic transfer within the Keesler Federal online and mobile banking system to pay my loan from my checking account, savings account or a non-Keesler Federal financial institution.

  • Log in to your Keesler Federal account from online or mobile banking
  • Click the TRANSFER widget
  • Select the SCHEDULED tab to display My Scheduled Transfers


  • Locate the scheduled transfer/payment you wish to skip
  • Click the TRASH icon (this will open a new dialogue box)


    • Select Cancel Next Transfer


  • Click the Yes, Cancel button

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Option 2: Payment Portal

Scenario: I have set up a recurring loan payment from another financial institution through the Keesler Federal Payment Portal.

      • Log in to the Payment Portal
      • Click on Manage AutoPay

Payment Portal

    • Edit the Start Date field to the date of next desired payment and click Update. Alternatively, you can click on Cancel Scheduled Payment to cancel the scheduled payment altogether.

Payment Portal

  • You will get an email to the Payment Portal registered email confirming the changes.

Option 3: ACH Transfer

Scenario: I have set up an external recurring automatic ACH transfer to pay my Keesler Federal loan from a non-Keesler Federal financial institution or other payer (payroll or Social Security direct deposit, etc.).

If your loan payment is made via Payroll Deduction, Direct Deposit, or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/Automated Clearing House Records (ACH) and applied directly to your loan, you will need to contact your payroll department or financial institution to “suspend” the deduction from your payroll or account for the month you wish to skip a payment.

Transfers from a Mobile Device

Instructions: (1) Navigate to the Transfers widget, (2) Select Activity, (3) Select Skip, (4) Select Skip this transfer.

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