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How do I access the online loan payment portal?

Once you are on the online payment portal login page, you will either:

  • Create a new account by clicking the Register button
  • Log in with your email and the password you created previously.
    NOTE: If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot Your Password? link and follow the prompts to reset.

Once logged in, you will either:

  • Enter your name and Keesler Federal Credit Union account number so the system can search and display your existing loans (if it is your first visit)
  • See your existing loans displayed (if you have already completed this step on a prior visit)

Select the loan account you wish to pay and click either the Setup AutoPay button or the Pay Now button.
NOTE: If you have previously set up AutoPay on the online payment portal the button will state Edit Auto Pay.

Once you are on the next screen, follow the prompts to enter your debit card information for a one-time payment or enter your bank account information to set up AutoPay.

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