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What Network Security protocols does Keesler Federal have in place?

Keesler Federal has designed our online banking platform with safeguards to prevent security breaches. The first line of defense is Secure Sockets Layer or TLS protocol. TLS uses three means to ensure security:

  1. Data Encryption – this technology scrambles the information to prevent other computers along the route from eavesdropping. All they see is a meaningless jumble of bytes.
  2. Digital Certificate – our site has a digital certificate from Verisign. When you connect to our secure site our computer sends your browser the digital certificate to ensure that you are in fact connecting to our site.
  3. Message Authentication Code – this technology provides a way for our computer to verify that the data was not changed from when it left your computer until it was received by our server.

We also take additional measures to ensure your security:

  1. Password Protection –  No one can access your account without knowing your account ID and password. If more than three attempts are made to access your account with invalid passwords your account is frozen from home banking access.
  2. Firewall –  Our site is protected by firewalls and other safeguards to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing our systems. These mechanisms are tested and validated regularly to ensure they meet best practice industry standards.

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