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What is changing in online banking?

The services and features you’re familiar with like Bill Pay, transferring funds, account notifications, and remote check deposit are still available. However, these features are more modern, easier to use, more intuitive, and offer more value to you.

The overall look and feel of online banking is more modern. The desktop and mobile versions of online banking are more similar and you can do nearly everything from your phone that you can do from a desktop computer—because we know you’re always on the go. In addition, the technology will be updated much more regularly to stay current with the latest trends.

Based on your feedback, we have added new features. You can self-manage your credit and debit cards, easily create budgets, view your credit card rewards, check your credit score daily for free with SavvyMoney and even view all your Keesler Federal accounts simultaneously with a single login.

In addition, the accounts you are able to view may be different. The new online banking is built around you. This means that whoever logs in will see ALL accounts and loans associated with the Primary Account Holders SSN in the login.

For Example: If Jane (Wife) is Primary on Account 1234, and she is also Primary on Account 2345, she will only login once to account 1234 and she will see all of her Savings and Loans for both Accounts 1234 and 2345. Now if she has John (Husband) as a Joint on her account and John logs into 1234, he will see also see both account 1234, he will also see both account and 1234 2345.

If you login like you’re accustomed to doing, you may see more accounts or loans than have been visible to you before. No more logging into several accounts to see everything!

We recommend that you take the time to make sure you know which accounts are visible to you, and which accounts of yours may be visible to others. If you have any questions or concerns, please stop by your local branch or call our Member Contact Center at 1.888.533.7537.

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