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No matter where you are in your financial journey, we want to see you succeed. That’s why we offer free resources on a variety of topics as well as financial counseling.

Kimberly Brown

Meet our Financial Counselor

As a member benefit, you can meet with our Financial Counselor for personal coaching to help you reduce debt, improve your credit score and reach your goals.

Kimberly Ford
Kimberly has been with Keesler Federal since 2018. She has extensive experience in accounting, insurance and banking products and is currently a licensed insurance agent. She earned a Master’s degree in 2017 in Professional School Counseling with a concentration in Clinical Mental Health. Kimberly recently obtained her Certified Financial Counseling Certification (CCUFC) and is very knowledgeable in all areas of financial counseling.
Kimberly helps members analyze their monthly budgets so that they can develop a monthly spending plan to help curb unnecessary spending. She also reviews credit reports with members in order to encourage behavior that will improve their credit score. Her services are free of charge to all Keesler Federal members.
Email Kimberly (please include your name and phone number) or call her at 228-701-1423
Keesler Federal has partnered with national non-profit GreenPath Financial Wellness™ to offer you no-cost, no-obligation individualized counseling, guidance and educational resources.
Learn more about Greenpath Financial Wellness.

Financial Resources & Education


Adult Financial Learning Portal

We know managing personal finances is more than just measuring dollars and cents. It’s about giving you access to tools and resources to map out a bright financial future. Check out these free resources.

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K-12 Financial Learning Portal

It’s never too early to start the journey to financial independence. Check out these free resources to learn how to budget, save, invest and plan for bright futures.

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Financial Calculators

Mortgage, auto, savings, retirement, taxes, insurance, budgets, loans and more.

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Make a spending plan

Stay on top of your spending with our weekly spending worksheet or our biweekly spending worksheet. Create a budget with our budget worksheet.

Track your expenses

Monitor your outgoing money with our weekly, bi-weekly and monthly expense tracking sheets.

Learn how to improve your credit

We invite you to watch this informative video and learn how to build credit and improve your credit score.