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Smart money management may not be rocket science, but it helps to get expert guidance and advice. That’s why we offer free financial counseling. Our Financial Counselor can work with you to reduce debt, improve your credit score and reach your savings goals.

Make a spending plan

Stay on top of your spending with our weekly spending worksheet or our biweekly spending worksheet. Create a budget with our budget worksheet.

Track your expenses

Monitor your outgoing money with our weekly, bi-weekly and monthly expense tracking sheets.

Get your free credit report

You can obtain your free annual credit report through

Meet our Financial Counselor

Tammy Scott

Certified CU Financial Counselor (CCUFC)

Send Tammy an email (please include your name and phone number) or call her at 228-701-1423

Tammy has been with Keesler Federal over 33 years, much of this time serving as a loan officer and branch manager.  She now helps members analyze their monthly budgets so that they can develop a monthly spending plan to help curb unnecessary spending.  She also reviews credit reports with members in order to encourage behavior that will improve their credit score. Tammy enjoys assisting members who have concerns about their finances and her valuable service is free of charge.

Tammy Scott

Financial Resources & Education

No matter where you are in your financial journey, we want to see you succeed. Take advantage of our free resources for kids, teens, adults, teachers and more.

For Kids

Our Money Mammals Kids Club teaches kids ages 12 and under to share, save, and spend smart! Stop by one of our branch locations to join Money Mammals and pick up your Kids Club Welcome Packet, with a minimum $5 deposit into your savings account. Each time you make a deposit of $5 or more you will get a prize!

Visit your new furry friends

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For Teens

Financial experts agree that money habits are learned at a young age and last a lifetime. The Elements of Money™ combines the financial products and services teens need, with real-world educational resources. Teens can join “Elements” simply by opening a credit union savings account. As a member, they’ll learn to navigate through the world of personal finance, as well as learn valuable lessons in saving money.

Explore Elements

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For Teachers

Banzai is an interactive web site that teaches financial literacy. It offers meaningful content using real-life scenarios that engage teenagers and expose them to real-life adult financial dilemmas. Banzai introduces students to the real world, whether navigating taxes or paying auto insurance. Best of all, teachers can take advantage of Banzai for free!

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Additional Resources

Anytime Adviser

Offers online coaching tools on checking accounts, buying vehicles, ID theft and more.

Explore Anytime Adviser

Home and Family Finance

A monthly publication of financial articles, tools and sound financial advice.

Explore Home and Family Finance

Financial Calculators

Mortgage, auto, savings, retirement, taxes, insurance, budgets, loans and more.

Explore our Financial Calculators


Plan It

Retirement savings tools and practical advice that can help you realize your retirement dreams.

Explore Plan It

Guides to Independence

Allows teens to “learn the rules” through a series of interactive online financial courses.

Explore Guides to Independence


A collection of financial articles, tools and resources written by and for 18 to 30-year olds.

Explore MoneyMix