Make a Loan Payment

Paying your loan shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why we make it easy with multiple options to fit your lifestyle.

Free online payments

Pay online from a Keesler Federal account or an account at a different institution.

Recurring payment options

Pay your loan without even thinking about it by setting up recurring internal transfers or ACH transactions.

Same-day processing

Don’t worry about having to wait for your payment to be processed.

Pay your loan from a Keesler Federal account
Set up an internal transfer
Pay your loan from an account at another institution
Set up an ACH transaction
One-time payment by debit card*
Set up express payment

Other loan payment options
You can also pay your loan at your nearest branch* or by mail:
PO Box. 7001, Biloxi, MS 39534.

Please include your account and the share or loan ID numbers.

*Payments by phone can be made at 1-888-533-7537 or in-person using an external debit card or account and are assessed a $5 per-transaction service fee.

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