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What happens if I am enrolled in Smart Change but my checking account balance is insufficient for the round-up funds?

If your account balance is insufficient to cover the entire amount of your automatic Smart Change transfer, we will only transfer the amount of funds up to a $0.00 (zero) balance.

Example: Your checking account balance is $1.00. Your round up funds for that day totals $1.50. In this case, Smart Change will only transfer $1.00 to your Smart Change savings account. If your account has a negative balance, the entire Smart Change transfer for that day will be skipped.

NOTE: There are no “catch up” transfers for skipped transactions due to an insufficient balance. Transfers can only occur on the same day that your debit card purchases post. Please also be aware that although your Smart Change transfer amount will be adjusted (or skipped) for an insufficient or negative balance, your actual purchase amount will still post even if it results in an overdraft on your account.

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